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SCYiBL is launching as the first ever digital platform that is customizable to any training program, currently being delivered by professionals for business and personal development.

By applying SCYiBL to current training methods, users are able to identify their own challenges and/or fears causing anxiety or depression that has lead to a decrease in motivation and productivity in their personal and business affairs.

SCYiBL “trains brains” to recover quicker from events that are negatively impacting our lives by accomplishing one thing - tapping into your own hidden potential by using your own skills.

SCYiBL says, “You only need yourself to conquer your fears and challenges”.

The Science

Behaviour and Crisis Management

SCYiBL transforms the way you cope with any anxiety, depression and overwhelming demands. Below are some examples of how SCYiBL supports individuals and corporations.

Perfomance — Personal and Professional

The SCYiBL formula has been proven to increase :

  • engagement by using the SCYiBL system that has revolutionized the way Human Resource directors engage and retain the right candidates while reducing turn over and training cost.
  • sales - Increases sales within 6 step process- Users have identified their challenges and built a smarter sales system using their challenges to their advantage
  • attitude - Improves the behaviour in offices by increasing morale 
  • inspires change from within that in turn translates into a more stable, confident and happier environment

The tools provided by SCYiBL help business professionals: build their brand awareness using the 6 steps, modify how their message is delivered with a clear value proposition that is oriented with the core of the company's mission which in turn facilitates and strengthens decision making processes, deliverable turnarounds and closing ratios.

Research has shown that by applying SCYIBL, we have been able to reduce the time being spent on managing the business and increase the time used to build the business because SCYiBL reduces stress and anxiety which we know is directly linked to the well-being of any professional.

In achieving this, we have a turnaround time of less than 90 days where satisfied clients have seen a sharp increase in moral, performance and productivity.

Our formula has been successfully applied in models of several industries including medical, military, education and business.

Human Resources

-Recruiting/retention- using the profiling system developed by SCYiBL, human resource directors have been able to engage the right candidates that have benefited companies by developing the SCYiBL  hiring process; knowing the right questions = hiring the right people, hiring the right people means asking the right questions. In doing so, companies have reduced insurance claims, increased retention by using customized questionnaires that measure each candidate as per the companies core values and mission.  -unique script- Teaching candidates how to customize their own approach


  • Team organization - Building a team with one brain
  • Time management - Effective time management skills by modifying each person’s pattern of thoughts/behaviours
  • Delivery of communication - Having smarter conversations
  • Marketing - Developing your message using your own voice and not what everyone else does


  • Image - Leading your business with the proper perception
  • Value proposition - Who are you? What your clients need to know that is not obvious
  • Corporate structure - Structuring your business on a solid foundation using science
  • Perception - Delivering the message you want people to understand, not by what you say, but what they see

Personal Life

  • Self respect & Relationships - A healthy relationship starts with you
  • Emotional Regulation -
  • Work/life balance - Learn how to double your earnings while investing only 20 hours a week
  • Empowerment -
  • Life goals - The 12 layer peel to deal reveals that “ what really drives you is what defines you”.


Through extensive piloting and research, the Kids Write Network (KWN) now stands as a new scientific method using authentic writing; drawing and speech that has helped students work better, feel better and communicate their obstacles clearer. As of October 28th 2019, the KWN is an official science with six articles being published in medical journals with two PhD students using the KWN for their dissertations.

SCYiBL is the 6 step patent pending formula behind the applications that were piloted in schools & hospitals ( Kids Write Network, KWN ) and for our first responders with military veterans ( Soldiers Write Network, SWN ).

In 2019, SCYiBL became the first business training model to incorporate neuroscience in its lean management methodology.

Product/Market Development

Kids Write Network