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“My friend Belize
One day, Belize's pencils fell on the floor. I started laughing at her because the pencils went everywhere. Belize raised her hand to tell the teacher and the teacher told me to stop laughing at her.
I learned that you shouldn't laugh at your friends because it can make them sad. ”

— Kids Write Network - Elementary

KWN book cover

“My topic is about self-esteem and how you can have good self-esteem.
To have good self-esteem you must not care about what people think or say about you. There are many ways to avoid the low self-esteem. You could ignore them. If they say something mean to you, you could just not listen to them. I know, it’s not that easy but it’s nice to try. If someone posts something bad about you just keep ignoring it. It’s hard to ignore which is why you should talk to an adult and get some advice. You must believe in yourself or at least try your best to. Keep trying! You must believe in yourself just don’t ever give up on yourself. You must try as hard as you can! ”

“My mom and Dad got divorced when I was around three years old. I couldn’t really understand what was going on, I mean, I was three after all. The divorce didn’t really affect me then because I was three and didn’t comprehend what was happening. It still doesn’t affect me today, but at times it gets kind of annoying because if I want to do something with friends and I am with my Dad I can’t go. At times my dad is understanding and lets me go with my friends when it’s supposed to be his day with my sister and I.
My advice to kids with divorced parents is to accept what is going on and that your parents love you either way and it’s not your fault no matter what happened.”

— Kids Write Network - High School

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