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Community Outreach

SCYiBL has initiated its formula in children's hospitals, inner city schools, Canadian military, First Nations and Canadian businesses across Canada. SCYiBL’s goal is to continue raising funds to be able to provide its program at no cost. 

  • Worked with students in inner city schools and private schools (Kids Write Network)
  • Worked with students in inner city schools and private schools (Kids Write Network)
  • Worked with patients in Oncology, Hematology and Palliative Care at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (Kids Write Network)
  • Worked with military and RCMP (Soldiers Write Network)
  • Worked with special needs students and campers (Kids Write Network)

“Dear Survivors,
My people! Hi, my name is Claudia Martino; I am the voice of The Kids Write Network (KWN). You may know me from my book, My Magic Box that I wrote and published after my second bout with cancer back in 2013. I wanted to share a part of my story with this community because we obviously have some things in common!
I became an author at 12 years old. I had spent pretty much a full year working with the KWN program on my story. What started off as a story, has become so much more for me today. The KWN’s initiative has been helping kids tell their stories, cope with struggles they have in their lives, helps kids get anything off their chest that might be causing them stress, anxiety or anything that is holding them back in life but most importantly, it gives us a voice. Continue reading...

— Claudia Martino
Voice of The Kids Write Network

“Hi there!
My name is Iman. This is my story. I wanted to write about all my hopes and dreams and share them with the world.
I chose to share my story to encourage you to share yours.
As this book was being written, I was going through the most difficult time in my life.
Everyone in the fashion world knows me as Jasmine.
My clothesline is called “Karina Couture” which is why we chose it as the book title! And my tree dress that I designed is the image on the cover. It was Helen’s favorite design.
Here we go....into the future!
I am a fashion designer living my dream life in sunny California. This is my story.
My life was pretty great until I was diagnosed with cancer. It was February 2011, I was 13 years old.
My life was like any other normal teenager; I tried out for cheerleading and gymnastics, loved drama class, and hung out with my girlfriends, joking and giggling about boys. I had been dealing with this “sore foot” for a while.
Mum insisted we get it looked at... ”

— Iman
Kids Write Network