Government Testimonials

“Tonight's event features the launch of the Kids Write Network program, which works to help children find and share their voices by writing their own books. As a former teacher, I appreciate the importance of fostering a love of reading and writing, and congratulate all the young authors on their many literary successes!
This Kids 4 Kids Series self-help initiative helps promote creative reading and writing skills for young children, and enable them to teach each other moral lessons.
While we celebrate the works of these talented children tonight, it is important that we also honour the life of Iman, an inspirational little girl who, despite being diagnosed with a terminal illness, courageously wrote her own book ”

— Justin P.J. Trudeau
Member of Parliament for Papineau

Corporate Testimonials

“SCYiBL method was very rewarding as it guided me to understand the reality of my life from a positive perception. SCYiBL makes us understand the importance of who we are, why we are and how to reach our goals.”

— Marie Josee Grimard
Business Owner

“After my SCYiBL experience, my mindset completely changed. I don’t see myself not having this in my life because we just started tapping into my hidden potential- to tap into my thoughts and processes that allows me to reassess the situation and keep going back to the SCYiBL training means I can achieve my goals no matter what they are. I love SCYiBL because the process is non-judgmental which allows me to circle back to it in my mind without hesitation.”

— Steve Karalekas
Business Owner

“My experience was different than others as it took me a little longer to ring a bell.. I was not able to remember anything, or peel back. I was too focused on making money and didn’t realize the value in what this “ peel to deal” SCYiBL process represented. Until I accepted doing the 12 layer peel, only then did I realize who I am, where I came from and who I really am. I now have the “ why” and I know now that I work as hard as I do to never be poor again, this is what drives me. Thank you SCYiBL for answering my missing pieces”

— Joanne James
Business Owner

“I'm very grateful to you for introducing us to SCYiBL. What I loved most about the program is that I learned profound truths about who I fundamentally am and why I act the way I do and the reason behind the choices I make. We all deserve to have the opportunity to use a system like SCYiBL to get to the bottom of who we fundamentally are and to grow stronger.”

— Adrian Blazevic
Business Owner

“After one hour of being SCYiBLized, I built a professional Facebook page for my past and present COI. I sent out messages using the SCYiBL process. I personalized my words according to the SCYiBL training, sent my proposal and already I have 5 potential clients from my database that want to buy and were so happy that I reached out to help them.”

— Audrey Ann D’Orazio
Business Owner

“I was introduced to the SCYiBL process at Sutton and decided to learn more about it and engage with an open mind. My success has had limitations which were as a result of weaknesses that were built up over time. Throughout the years, I have had several coaches, obtained certifications in coaching and breakthrough coaching, and I explored and engaged in cognitive behavioral therapy. When I started the program I felt skeptical as I always do, and in going through it, I noticed strong correlations between certain events in my life which brought strong validity to SCYiBL's science-backed program. While I haven't yet completed the process fully and I look forward to reaching the end, at the half way point, I have had more breakthroughs in the past few weeks than I can count in my lifetime. I truly have learned to think differently and bring out skills that I truly never felt I had to light and it has shaped my conversations, my interactions and my outlook toward my present and future. With a strong backing of science, SCYiBL guides you through this introspective process with kindness, candor and a willingness simply because their is no judgement upon us as we work on ourselves and learn how our personal story has shaped us.  I'm looking forward to completing this process knowing that if half way through, my eyes have been opened wide, that my true potential lies at the end of this process.”

— Dan Cholewa
Business owner, Sutton performer

Health Testimonials

“The kids write network program has been involved with 3 of our patients at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for the past year. It is amazing to see what comes out of this creative program and how it gives patients the opportunity to open up and tell their story in their own words in a context of respect and trust. Patients are given the choice to write any story they would like and they all choose to tell their own story. With the support of Helen Georgaklis from KWN, patients and their families really get into a creative process that empowers them to become active players in their journey through fighting illness and voicing how they are able to stay hopeful.”

— Marie-France Haineault
Coordinator - Child Life Services, Montreal Children’s Hospital

“The Kids Write Network has come to our attention as a significant initiative that can help children to express themselves and provide them with a creative outlet during their hospitalization.
We believe that is an excellent initiative that deserves to be implemented carefully- as outlined in their proposal - and we would be glad to be involved in its evaluation.
It is with great pleasure that we heartily endorse the Kids Write Network Hospital Program and we look forward to its implementation with positive expectations for all concerned.
Yours sincerely, ”

— E. Lila Amirali, M.D., FRCP
Clinical Director-Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Montreal Children's Hospital
Assistant Professor - McGill University

“Kids Write Network is forming a voice of one of those children with whom I worked. She knew that the treatment failed. This was Iman, the program is called Iman's voice. This is another way that Iman can leave a legacy and this provides a way for Iman's family and friends to 'Let that Legacy Live'. Spreading the news is an important part of the 'Leaving a Legacy' project. This is what Kids Write Network foundation can do with the writing of a book providing the opportunity of a child to leave a legacy and the family to help let that legacy live. ”

— Linda Moxley-Haegert, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist

Education Testimonials

“The Kids Write Network is a resource tool that lends itself to the English Language Arts Program in the QEP, Quebec Education Plan. Teachers can easily use this tool to evaluate their students on the three competencies

1. Uses language/talk to communicate and learn.
2. Reads and listens to written, spoken and media texts.
3. Writes a variety of genres for personal and social purposes.

In alignment with the MELS English Language Arts, the Français Langue D’Enseignement Programs and the Progression of Learning, the Kids Write Network fits under the Broad Area of Learning category of Health and Well Being. Four cross-curricular competencies are developed by the KWN program

Competency 2- Solves Problems
Competency 3- Exercises Critical Judgment
Competency 4- Uses Creativity
Competency 7- Achieves his/her potential”

— Sia Woods
Secondary I English/Math teacher CVR High School
(Chateauguay Valley Regional)

“The KWN program was implemented into the classrooms immediately and some teachers used the various phases of the children’s writing as a benchmark to enhance their students’ confidence and creativity in them and in the development of strong writing voices. This is why we titled the project “Inspiring Voices”, reinforcing the idea that children could not only feel inspired in them but inspire others as well. Some of the older grades allowed the teachers to use the children’s writing as an assessment tool and the evaluation of their work was used as a percentage of the last term mark. We were all very proud, when our literacy project,” Inspiring Voices”, won a recognition award from the Minister of Education for reading initiatives in schools as well.”

— Evelyne Alfonsi
Former Vice Principal- Gerald McShane Elementary School